Tendinte machiaj primavara-vara 2014

 CC-Thru Colour
Taking a new approach to colour, this season is all about colours that are Instagram-filtered and hazy. The key colour players include shades of lilac, peach and candy pink. These colours enhance the skin’s natural multi-tonal characteristics, allowing artists to redefine and widen what a ‘natural’ look can be. Playing around with the intrinsic effects of cold and warm tones, this season is all about pushing bold colour boundaries but still having an affinity with the skin’s tone.
 Day Glow
Healthy skin and a naked face is the key look this season. With the proliferation of multitasking skincare and foundation products, heavy foundations are now ditched for a glowing natural look. As if walking bare-faced into a sunny day by the sea, this look is less about bronze and more about peach and pink cream blushes mixed with nuances of sculpting creams and soft highlights. The key is the keep the face dewy and use products with emollient textures that sink color into the skin – as if coming from within.
 The New Eye-Deal
After seasons of focusing on the brow, the shift has now returned to the eye. In-line with the natural tones and bare-skinned look, lashes and liners were feminine and timeless. Lashes this season made nods to the dramatic 50s eye, 60s lash and 90s slept-in eye.

Light FX
In a shift towards luminosity and bright skin, highlighting is now key to any modern look. Using white to reflect and add opalescent clarity to the high points of the face, skin looks natural, transparent and perfectly contoured without any hint of colour. “White is the key colour for me this season,” said M.A.C makeup artist Tom Pecheux, “it brings such freshness and brings out the features on a slightly deeper skin, it’s beautiful and pure.”